Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mechanics of Materials By: Ferdinand P. Beer @ Rm100.00

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education - 2004-05-03
Paperback | 3 Revised Ed Edition | 780 Pages


This book has a lot of interesting questions, but does not really delve into giving detailed procedures for getting answers. In the practice exercises, it skips a bunch of steps, assuming that the reader would already know what to do. At other points in the book, they painstakingly go through simple concepts. This was frustrating situation at times, which was exacerbated by having an incompetent professor. In the end, this book saved my hide by having good pictures and somewhat straightfoward approaches to mechanics problems. Also, the answers in the back of the book are a HUGE help. From them, you can usually identify a stupid mistake in your answer which could be the result of too many or too few zeros.


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