Monday, May 4, 2009

Soil Mechanics and Foundations By: Muni Budhu @Rm110.00

Publisher: Wiley - 2000-01-12
Hardcover | 1 Edition | 616 Pages

This text/CD package combines the fundamentals of geotechnical engineering with an interactive multimedia CD to enhance learning and retention. Readers will learn to understand the physical and mechanical properties of soils; determine parameters from soil testing to characterize soil properties, soil strength, and soil deformations; and to apply the principles of Soil Mechanics to analyze and design simple geotechnical systems. Critical state soil mechanics is included. The CD contains multimedia interactive animations of the essential concepts of soil mechanics and foundations, interactive visualization of mathematical models (e.g. consolidation, critical state models, etc.), virtual laboratories (students can conduct soil tests, interpret the results and apply the results to practical situations using 3-D simulated apparatus; these labs are independent of time and location, the students conduct all the procedures as if he/she were in a real laboratory, and can explore "what-if" situations), digital videos, a glossary, notation, quizzes, notepads, interactive problem solving, spreadsheet links and computer program utilities.


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