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Introduction to Marketing By: Susan J. Dann Stephen Dann @ Rm120.00

ISBN-10: 047080064X ISBN-13: 9780470800645
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons,
Incorporated - September 2003

Introduction to Marketing is written primarily for first-year undergraduates and delivers an introduction to marketing without overlapping significantly into strategic management or expecting a range of prior industry experience.

The text is designed around three functional points:
Readability ? the test focuses on contemporary events in marketing and is written in a style tailored to the needs of first-year university students.
Portability ? the text is designed to be a succinct overview of the fundamental principles of marketing that can realistically be carried as a reference book during marketing study.
Credibility ? the credibility of the text is established through the integration of hard-core marketing theory and contemporary business practice, and through the use of an objective written style.


  • Key concepts are highlighted throughout the text.
  • The chapters include the following vignettes: Global Perspectives., Ethics and Marketing, SME Marketing, Business Practices and Entrepreneurial Focus.
  • In addition to the vignettes, the chapters include examples of real-world companies applying the theory discussed in the text.
  • There is a wealth of end-of-chapter self-testing material including review questions, application questions, discussion questions and a Contemporary Issues case study.
  • The accompanying CD features a running case study of Eagle Boys Pizza that relates back to the content in each chapter.


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