Monday, April 20, 2009

Managerial Economics in a Global Economy with Economic Applications Card By: Dominick Salvatore @ Rm80.00

ISBN-10: 0324171870 ISBN-13: 9780324171877
Publisher: South-Western College Pub - 2003-05-22
Format: Hardcover

For the most part I like Salvatore’s text. I think this is one of the better managerial economics textbooks in circulation. I think the writing is lucid and the presentation is great. The author presents the material in an easily accessible manner. I think the writing flows smoothly, and the students do not have much difficulty in absorbing the material presented. The examples and the case studies are well chosen. I have used the text both at the advanced undergraduate as well as the MBA level and I think the students like the style of writing and the presentation. The themes stated in the preface are quite commensurate with my teaching philosophy.

The number of case studies is certainly impressive, and they provide nice examples of the theory.

Managerial Economics in a Global Economy by Dominick Salvatore, fourth edition, is definitely one of the top contenders in this field. As is evident from his other texts on micro theory and international economics, in his Managerial text, Professor Salvatore has succeeded in negotiating the often fine line between accessibility, rigor, and comprehensiveness. The result is a text that scores very high in readability, rigor, and coverage. He deserves much credit, and our applause, for integrating international topics that give the students the added benefit of insights into global management education. I strongly recommend this book for senior-level or MBA programs.

Product Description
Managerial Economics in a Global, 5e uses the theory of the firm as the unifying theme to examine the managerial decision process. Reflecting the internationalization of tastes, production, and distribution in today’s globalizing world, the book integrates a fully global view into managerial economics. It introduces many exciting new topics and managerial tools into the study of managerial economics — topics not fully addressed in other texts — such as firm architecture, strategic behavior, business ethics, electronic commerce, risk management, international economies of scale, the virtual corporation, re-engineering, benchmarking, the learning organization, and the digital factory. In addition, the book illustrates how managerial decisions are actually made, with more relevant and interesting real-world case applications and integrative case studies than any other text on the market.


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