Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Streetwise Direct Marketing: How to Use the Internet, Direct Mail, and Other Media to Generate Direct Sales By: George Duncan @ Rm70.00

ISBN-10: 1580624391 ISBN-13: 9781580624398
Publisher: Adams Media Corporation - 2001-03
Format: Paperback

The internet section of this book is not at all useful. The techniques are very outdated. For instance, he describes (not in great enough detail to help at all) how to make ad banners. Any marketer with any sense knows that ad banners don't work like they used to. People ignore them, completely. He doesn't give any information about writing copy, or how to approach direct marketing on the internet. He does, however, have lots of "useful" information on how to "get started", none of which is really useful, since it is all common knowledge. If you've never been on the web before and haven't a clue about business or direct marketing, this book is for you. He gives a great introduction to the web. For anyone with even a bit of knowledge, your way ahead of him.


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