Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Strategic Marketing in the Customer Driven Organization By: Frank Bradley @ RM60.00

Publisher: Wiley - 2003-06-09
Paperback | 2nd Edition | 304 Pages


Marketing is the function within an organization that focuses directly on the customer. Strategic Marketing in the Customer Driven Organization places a unique emphasis on the reason for the existence of the firm -- to provide, communicate and deliver value to the customer. Through the use of many international examples, the book demonstrates how providing the real needs of customers more effectively than the competition is the key to long term strategic success.

"This is not your typical marketing book. It provides the reader with real life business situations, where gathering information is key ? not just on the marketplace but specific information about your customers and building it in to practical marketing response programs. As the President of a company who prides itself on building and nurturing strong customer relationships I would recommend this as a ?must read?" Dr Pearse Lyons, President , Alltech Inc.

"Frank Bradley?s new book takes as its point of departure his well-established core marketing concepts (understand, provide, communicate and deliver value) and puts them to use as the foundation for this compact, concise and very readable text." Professor Susan Hart, Head of Department of Marketing University of Strathclyde

Strategic Marketing in the Customer Driven Organization has been written for students of general marketing, marketing management and strategic marketing for advanced undergraduate and MBA courses. It is also especially suited to executive education programmes and managers wishing to integrate experiential learning within an intellectual framework.


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