Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Advanced Wireless Communications: 4G Technologies by Savo G. Glisic @ Rm80.00

Publisher: Wiley - 2004-06-25
Hardcover | 1 Edition | 878 Pages

Book Information:
Advanced Wireless Communications : 4G Technologies provides a comparative analysis of the 4G techniques and examines their co-existence. Due to the broad range of topic areas that it covers, it will be ideal for systems engineers that are looking to develop a sound knowledge and understanding of the direction that the technology is moving in.

This comprehensive book presents a comparative study of adaptive WCDMA, ATDMA, Multicarrier (OFDMA) and Ultra Wide Band (UWB) receiver elements. It has a special focus on the future co-existence of these systems in the evolution of 3G and the elements of the 4G like time-space-frequency coding, MIMO systems, adaptive coding, modulation and turbo equalisation. It analyses and discusses WCDMA, TDMA and other relevant 4G technologies in one coherent framework.


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