Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dictionary of the Internet (Oxford Paperback Reference) By: Darrel Ince @ Rm40.00

Publisher: Oxford University Press - 2003-08
Hardcover | 2nd Edition | 261 Pages

Book Information:
Who is a typo pirate? Are they related to fat clients? And what is shovelware? The rapid rise of the Internet has changed our language. This dictionary allows you to keep up with those changes by concentrating in-depth on Internet terminology. Featuring over 3,600 jargon-free entries, from the thousands of new abbreviations, technical terms, and user-jargon to terms associated with e commerce, security, and the use of the Internet for business purposes. Useful appendices include country codes, popular emoticons, and popular chat room and email abbreviations. This reference book will prove invaluable to anybody working with information technology from the general Internet user to employees in the industry.

On the Internet, nobody knows you're using reference books. Darrel Ince's Dictionary of the Internet will guide readers through the twisty passages of current jargon, slang, and technical terms with aplomb. The dictionary is thorough--over 4,000 entries cover commercial, recreational, and propeller-head (geek) language.Acknowledging the weakness of ink-and-paper references in the digital age, the book comes with a CD-ROM containing all of the text, linked and ready for Web updates. "Checksum," "gossip architecture," and "Zen mail" all find homes here, and the appendices explaining Internet country codes, common emoticons, and standard chat abbreviations will be welcome by any networked computer. The information is scalable--newbies should get as much out of it as hardcore nerds, and the excellent cross-referencing makes it perfect for bootstrapping self-learners. --Rob Lightner


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