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Computer Security Policies and SunScreen Firewalls By: Kathryn M. Walker Linda Croswhite Cavanaugh @ Rm30.00

Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR - 1998-07-02
Textbook Binding | 1st Edition | 121 Pages

Book Information:

Protect your network with SunScreen™ firewalls!

Plan and implement a network security policy that works.

SunScreen™ EFS, SPF-200, and SKIP products.

Sample policies and resource lists.

This is a concise guide to building tough network security policies that work. It starts with detailed coverage of evaluation and planning, appropriate delegation of responsibilities, implementation, and the role of firewalls. Next, it introduces Sun Microsystem's flagship security products, the SunScreen™ EFS firewall, designed for high-security enterprise networks, and the SunScreen™ SPF-200 firewall, designed as a high-security “stealth” firewall. It also covers the powerful SKIP encryption and key management capabilities, which enable any user to achieve secure, authenticated communication.

  • Developing a security policy from the ground up.
  • Key security concepts and underlying technologies, including authentication, key management and access control.
  • Using SunScreen™ firewalls as part of a coordinated security solution.
  • Administering SunScreen™ EFS and SPF-200 firewalls.
  • Includes a complete sample security policy.
Learn how to translate your security policies into rules-based protection on your SunScreen™ firewall. Understand what rules are; how to create, review and test them; and how SunScreen™ firewalls process them. Next, discover specific techniques for maximizing firewall performance and protecting against denial-of-service attacks. Whether you're a security professional, network planner, administrator or sysadmin, SunScreen™ firewalls and this book give you practical tools and information for protecting your entire organization.

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