Sunday, March 8, 2009

Java: An Introduction to Computer Science and Programming (International Edition) Author: Walter Savitch @ Rm60.00

  1. Paperback: 976 pages
  2. Publisher: Pearson Education; 3 edition (15 May 2003)
  3. Language English
Book Information:

Appropriate for introductory Computer Science courses using Java (CS1 with Java) and other introductory programming courses using Java offered in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Information Systems, Management Information Systems, Information Technology, and Business departments.

Best-selling author, Walter Savitch, uses a conversational style to teach programmers problem solving and programming techniques with Java. Readers are introduced to object-oriented programming and important computer science concepts such as testing and debugging techniques, program style, inheritance, and exception handling. It includes thorough coverage of the Swing libraries and event driven programming. The Java coverage is a concise, accessible introduction that covers key language features. Thorough early coverage of objects is included, with an emphasis on applications over applets. The author includes a highly flexible format that allows instructors and readers to adapt coverage of topics to their preferred order. Although the text does cover more advanced topics as inheritance, exception handling, and the Swing libraries, it begins with teaching traditional, more basic techniques, such as algorithm design.

From the Back Cover

This colorful presentation and a friendly, engaging style bring the Java language and programming techniques to life for beginning programmers.

Updated and improved, this third edition of best selling author Walter Savitch's popular textbook functions as a complete tutorial/reference while also offering excellent accessibility to students and practical flexibility for instructors.

With full-color photos, illustrations, syntax coloring, and highlighted code examples, this textbook is an excellent resource for both novices and experienced programmers. The author clearly and concisely addresses Java debugging, style, abstract data types, and traditional programming. The book covers classes early and provides fully executable programs for practice on Java 2 with updated assertion checking, Swing and I/O classes. Course tools include an Instructor's Resource CD-ROM and Companion Website.

  • Full-color pedagogy
  • Coverage of UML
  • Revision of files to use ObjectStreams
  • Refined and more concise presentation
  • Added FAQ, Quick Reference, and Reminder boxes
By: Miguelmutien

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