Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Learning SolidWorks by Richard M. Lueptow @ Rm90.00

ISBN-10: 0131409743 ISBN-13: 9780131409743
Publisher: Prentice Hall - 2003-05-24
Paperback | 2 Edition | 240 Pages

Book Information:
Updated to the latest edition of SolidWorks, this book walks the reader through techniques in modeling, assembly, and creation of working drawings, moving from basic to more advanced design techniques. Effectively using the design of a pizza cutter throughout the book for illustrative purposes, the authors have provided the means to learn SolidWorks as well as advanced solids modeling concepts. Topics covered include: the nature of solids modeling; introduction to SolidWorks; modeling parts in SolidWorks (revolves); assembly modeling; creating working drawings; plastic injection molding; and redesign. An excellent reference for industrial design engineers that incorporate SolidWorks in their projects.


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