Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Managing IT as a Business: A Survival Guide for CEO's by Mark D. Lutchen @ Rm70.00

Publisher: Wiley - 2003-10-13
Hardcover | 256 Pages

Book Information:
"More than a survival guide for CEOs, Managing IT as a Business provides a framework for properly leveraging IT and does so in a concise, well-sourced, and eminently readable format. This book is a must-read for all successful executives!"
?Donard P. Gaynor
Former CFO, SVP-HR, CIO, and Reengineering Leader
The Seagram Spirits and Wine Group

"Mark Lutchen offers up some important guidance to the CIO on how to bring IT into the mainstream of the business and how the CIO can make the transition from tech guru and administrator to a full member of the executive team."
?Marinus N. Henny
Vice Chairman and CFO
Universal Music Group

"Mark Lutchen thinks like an operating executive. He recognizes that IT costs are a major line item in any corporate budget and that these costs must be viewed as a means to building a business rather than an end. He knows that this happens when CEOs and CIOs communicate effectively. That?s what Managing IT as a Business is all about."
?Kenneth Roman
Former Chairman and CEO
Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

"Lutchen?s insights are practical and actionable. In fact, CEOs and other executives traversing the IT minefield will find no more authoritative guide than Managing IT as a Business."
?Paul Turner
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

"Increasingly, CIOs are being asked to join the ranks of top management. In Managing IT as a Business, Mark Lutchen offers CEOs a powerful perspective on how to leverage IT as a strategic tool. For CIOs, he cogently addresses the leadership skills they need to be full and effective members of the business-strategy team."
?Glen Urban
Dean Emeritus and Chairman of the Center for eBusiness
MIT Sloan School of Management


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