Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Computer Networks and Internets (4th Edition) Douglas E Comer @ Rm150.00

Publisher: Pearson Education

Book Information:
An excellent computer networking text for H.N.D. and Degree
As a lecturer of computing I cannot recommend this book highly enough as a text to aid students who are undertaking modules on Computer Networking, the Internet and the World Wide Web. Understanding the fundamentals of networking and in this global age, Inter-networking will aid the student in designing and building better web sites as well as web-based and Internet applications. This book covers it all and even introduces Distributed Systems.

As the text focusses upon the Internet, there is no real mapping of the technologies covered with the seven layer OSI model, however, this would normally be covered in lectures. With real examples and exercises, this book will take you from Web Surfer to Web developer, from networking novice to someone who understands the underlying networking technology and terminology.

There is an extensive glossary of terms and amoungst other useful appendices, a section on how to build a computer network at home.


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