Sunday, March 8, 2009

Planet Broadband (Network Business) By: Rouzbeh Yassini Stewart Schley Leslie Ellis Roger Brown @ Rm100.00

Publisher: Cisco Press - 2003-09-28
Hardcover | 168 Pages

Book Information:

The father of the cable modem tells you what broadband is, why it matters, and how it will change your life

  • Receive a guided tour of the emerging broadband era brought to you by a powerful new communications technology that is already touching the lives of millions.
  • Understand the revolution that is broadband, participate in its history and development, and learn how it will affect nearly every facet of your life.
  • Embark upon a provocative, well-researched exploration of the next great technological advance-an instrument as profound and influential to our lives as the automobile and the telephone.
  • Read thought-provoking reporting and commentary from recognized leaders in business, academia, and government who are literally reshaping their institutions thanks to the power of broadband connectivity.

Broadband. It is the fastest-growing consumer media product since the VCR. Broadband is a lightning-fast, always-on connection to a world of digitized media content. It is a technology that transforms the Internet from a dry medium of words and pictures to a multimedia pipeline that delivers television shows on-demand, transports you to a school halfway across the globe, and saves your business millions while improving productivity. As people around the world become wired for broadband, we're beginning to see the dramatic impact broadband has on how we live, learn, work, and play in the post-industrial era.

Planet Broadband is a breakthrough book that goes beyond jargon-laden technical manuals to describe not just what broadband is but why broadband matters to everyday people. Learn how broadband connectivity can help solve some of the vexing environmental and social problems confronting us today, while improving our lives.

This book is from Cisco Press, the authorized publisher for Cisco Systems.


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