Sunday, March 8, 2009

Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for Performance (International Edition) William Stallings @ Rm60.00

Publisher: Pearson Education - 2002-06-13
Format: Paperback

Book Information:
Not Very Good
How dull this title is! Your heart will sink when you look beyond the pretty cover and see the dreadful typeface.

It just doesn't read well, lots of boring waffle and horrendous diagrams. The index makes things easy to look up, but when you get to the appropriate page you'll wish you hadn't.

I can't fathom out how this won the 'texty' award, maybe it won the wooden spoon?

If anyone out there can find a text that presents computer architecture and microprocessors in a coherent and enlightening way then please tell me.

this book is excellent the best book i've ever read
this book was reccommended as part of my computer science course and found it full of exciting concepts and ideas. An essential study aid which I wouldn't have been able to do without. A MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!
Useful Reference Book
Bought the book as a reference to a computer course at uni. Turned out to be quite useful, liked the fact that it concentrated on the Pentinum II and Power PC processor. It was not the main core text book, but still covered the subject adequately for my needs. Also had good links to other resources (books and websites).


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