Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dreamweaver 3 for Windows & Macintosh, Third Edition (Visual QuickStart Guide) By: J. Tarin Towers @ Rm60.00

Publisher: Peachpit Press - 2000-04-25
Paperback | 544 Pages

Book Information:

Provides an easy, visual approach to teaching Dreamweaver, using pictures to guide students through the software and show what to do in a step-by-step manner. Softcover.

Whether you're a beginner who needs a quick introduction to Dreamweaver or an intermediate user who needs help with one of the program's newer or more complex features, this handy guide is perfect. Instead of a tutorial where you work through a specific project, the lesson in this book walks you through your documents while you work on them.

If you've used QuickStart guides before, you know how convenient they are as references. Succinct text eliminates having to wade through discourses on theory or history, and a thorough index directs you to answers quickly. Plus, with their small footprint, these guides earn their place on a crowded desk. The QuickStart series is consistent in style (with numbered steps in one column, screen shots in the other) and quality.

Even within this established format, author J. Tarin Towers's light and friendly style shows through--making for interesting reading. The author has also included numerous sidebars on how things work (for example, using measuring units such as pixels, picas, or ems) and timesaving features (for example, the Hints menu in the Quick Tags editor). Alternate methods for executing tasks and other handy information can be found in the many tips that follow each section.

Macintosh users in particular should read the introduction, which explains the few, but crucial, differences in the Windows version of Dreamweaver. This affects the way screen shots look throughout the book.

This edition has four new chapters that cover changes in Dreamweaver 3. Since one of the best features of Dreamweaver is the ease with which you can view and edit source code, the book devotes a chapter to HTML and the application's tools for working with it (for example, the new Clean Up Word HTML command). With more than 500 pages, this is one of the longer QuickStart guides and well worth a spot on a Webmaster's desk. --Angelynn Grant

Topics covered: Step-by-step instructions for using Dreamweaver 3 (including an introduction to the working environment, palettes, and menus); creating a Web site and site management; working with text, images, links, tables, frames, CSS, DHTML, behaviors, timeline animation, and plug-ins; customizing and automating tasks; working with HTML; and the new features of version 3.


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