Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Dynamic Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology By: Brian J. Skinner Stephen C. Porter Jeffrey Park @ Rm90.00

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons - 2003-05-20
Paperback | 5th Edition Edition | 648 Pages

Book Information
This book is one of the standard university texts in physical geology, along with Understanding Earth by Frank Press et al. The book is well written and very well illustrated. The discription of plate tectonics and it's integration throughout the book is very well done. Like most such texts, it has the disadvantage of being written by lifelong academics with little or no contact with the extraxtive industries. Their treatment of energy extraction is superficial at best. One of the most important developments in geology over the past 30 years, that of sequence stratigraphy, does not even get a mention, perhaps because it came out of the oil exploration industry. (Understanding Earth does devote a paragraph or two to sequence stratigraphy.)


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