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The Microsoft Edge: Insider Strategies for Building Success By: Julie Bick @ Rm60.00

Publisher: Atria - 2001-04-03
Paperback | 192 Pages

Book Information:

How did the team at Microsoft pioneer, build, and shepherd the company through exponential growth in a constantly changing market? How can you apply what they've discovered to your own career? Microsoft veteran Julie Bick reveals all the insider strategies in this invaluable book, packed with on-the-job insights and practical techniques.

From vice presidents to front-line managers, Bick interviews Microsofties to learn how they:

  • Launch new products and get the most out of not-so-new products
  • Design websites and do business on the Internet
  • Work with service agencies, dealers, coworkers, and the press
  • Hire the best people they can and keep them happy

    The Microsoft Edge, by former Microsoft manager Julie Bick, outlines approximately five dozen business tactics that are successfully used within the company. Based upon her own experiences and those of 40 other managers, it presents them in short lessons that focus on hiring and retaining top employees, introducing new products and maintaining their momentum, conducting business online, and developing positive relationships with both internal and external partners. Some lessons (such as "On the Web you can alter your product or promotion daily by measuring responses and tweaking as you go") may seem obvious, but Bick's supplementary details (explaining, for example, exactly how the CarPoint site's option-pricing feature was reconfigured when logs showed few visitors were using it) are truly instructive. And while the book definitely shows Microsoft in the best possible light, some of its most illuminating material concerns the handling of notable problems--such as the total failure of the highly publicized Bob software, and the inability to debug a consumer tax-preparation program in time for its intended launch. --Howard Rothman
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