Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Programming Languages: Principles and Paradigms By: Allen B. Tucker @ Rm50.00

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education - 2007-01
Paperback | 2nd Edition | 600 Pages

Book Information:
Tucker and Noonan's new approach emphasizes a thorough, hands-on treatment of key issues in programming language design, providing a balanced mix of explanation and experimentation. Opening chapters present the fundamental principals of programming languages, while optional companion chapters provide implementation-based, hands-on experience that delves even deeper. This edition also includes a greatly expanded treatment of the four major programming paradigms, incorporating a number of the most current languages such as Perl and Python. Special topics presented include event-handling, concurrency, and an all-new chapter on correctness. Overall, this edition provides both broad and deep coverage of language design principles and the major paradigms, allowing users the flexibility of choosing what topics to emphasize.


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